Thursday, September 10, 2009


A Legacy or legacies is what someone or something is remembered for or what they have left behind that is remembered, revered or has impacted current events and the present day.

It is no secret that I love facebook. The one thing that I both love and hate are the memories of me that have stuck in the minds of old friends. There is this one embarrassing story that involves a zip line, a certain broken cable, and a declaration of stupid teenage love shouted loud enough for an entire campground to hear, that will forever live in infamy. I have one friend that loves to remind me of said indiscretion and every-time I hear it, I cringe. For quite a long time before I set up an account I fought joining the Facebook bandwagon for fear of that very thing happening. I didn’t want people to remember my indiscretions, or the crushes I had, or the many stupid things that I have either said or done in my lifetime. But not joining wasn’t going to keep people from remembering the unfortunate things that I have said or done.

In Psalms 90:9, it says that we live our lives as a story that will be told. What is your story? Each of us has our own idea of what a legacy is and how we will go about establishing one. Some set up trust funds, others build monuments, donations to charity. Many pass on family heirlooms to the next generation. Unfortunately so many of us forget that we daily add to the legacy we will leave. Every action, decision, and word spoken adds to the legacy. How sad would it be if the only thing you were remembered for was having a bad temper.

Now I can’t go back and un-do every mis-spoken word, or slight, but I have an opportunity to show those around me how beautiful a life changed through the power of Christ can be. I have the ability to help lead my children to a stronger relationship with Christ.

I will close with this story. I received a “friend request” through someone that I had gone to church with for a very brief time. I accepted, interested in where and what they were up to now. Shortly after I accepted her request I received an email from her. In the email she thanked me for my kindness to her and for how welcomed I had made her feel. Truly I hadn’t even realized that I had done anything out of the ordinary for her. When I woke up that day I didn't stop to think, hmm this is forever how so and so is going to remember me. It is only through staying close to Christ and allowing him to work through us daily that will allow us to leave a Godly legacy. That is the legacy I want to be remembered for! I want those around me to see Christ in and through me.

It’s time to think about the legacy you are leaving.

There will be one-whether you plan it or not.

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