Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The state of the estate???

I feel that being organized and neat helps in every aspect of my life. If my house is in shambles or my to-do list is multiple pages long, anxiety starts to kick in and everything else suffers as a result. If you're the same way, it might be time to get a head start on your Spring cleaning. Now I'm not just talking about scrubbing your floors and cleaning your windows; I'm talking about getting your life in order so you can successfully put disorder behind you and move on into a more productive life.  

You may be muttering, “yea, but you haven’t seen my disorder!”  Oh yes I have, not your exact disorder, but I have seen a great many disordered homes.  The funny thing is that there is no mess that cannot be cleaned if you garner the right amount of determination and discipline.  If you are tired of the disorder in your home,  have hope that you can turn a total mess into a place where you can have total rest.

So develop a can-do attitude and lets get to work.  Below you will find a list of helpful hints to get you on your way.  

Let’s get started!

 1.  Assemble a traveling catty of cleaning supplies and tools that you will need.  This catty will travel with you as you move from room to room, saving you the time to go get each cleaning item as you need them.  Glass cleaner, clorox wipes, paper towel, dusting rags, magic eraser, toilet cleanser and a brush for scrubbing, are all items I keep in my catty.

2.  Before you begin develop an organizational plan.  Focus on one room at a time.  Write down on a sheet of paper the things that need to be done to put the room right.  

*What are the problems in the room? Are there things that need to be repaired or re-painted?

*What needs to be removed from the room? clothes, toys, clutter, old papers???

*What organizational tools might help tame the mess?

This list is not to overwhelm or discourage you, but to give you a map of where you want to go and to help keep you focused on that path.

3.  Once you have done your checklist, begin working it!  Again starting on one room at a time!  Do not leave that room until you have completed all the items on your checklist.  Tackle the rooms in bite sized pieces, organization first then clean!  Take it one drawer or one cabinet at a time.  When making your plan do not forget bathroom drawers, medicine cabinets, closets, and under the beds.

4.  Keep several bags or boxes marked “trash”, “store”, and “give away”.  As you work on the room immediately put the items in these bags.   Deal with these bags!  I will stress again the system will only work if you do.  Leaving the piles will only add to your disorder.  I love the saying “don’t pile it, File it”  be sure that at the end of each organizing session you take the bags and deal with the items inside.

Underneath the endless piles of laundry, dishes, forgotten toys, and overdue library books, is your house.  A house that I am sure you would desperately love to be proud of.  If it stresses you out just thinking about the work before you remember Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.”  Tackle your disorder through His strength.  Pray and ask the Lord for the determination to see this project through.  If you are diligent there may actually come a day when someone will yell, Mom have you seen my.... and you’ll be able to answer, YES!  

For more detailed spring cleaning tips and tricks check out the website 

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